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Just a curiosity question. I just told Spotify to move its cache from one drive to another. When I now look at the Resource Monitor spotify.exe doesn't seem to be doing anything at all basically. There is, however, a great number of reads by something called MsMpEng.exe and a great number of writes by System. I can tell it's the Spotify cache being moved because of the file paths.

I've noticed this with other applications too, like when stuff is going really slow and I wonder whats going on. I check to see what is using my drives like crazy, but all I can see is System.

What's going on here? Why can I often not see exactly what application is causing the read/write activity?

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Sounds like the Microsoft antimalware engine (MsMpEng) scanning the files you are moving, it may be copying them to a temporary location as is scans and then to your specified location when it is done. – Moab Sep 15 '12 at 13:48
As for why System is doing the writing, see my answer here:… – Jamie Hanrahan Sep 4 '15 at 5:12

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