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Back story: I have Outlook connected to my Google Apps email and noticed that some mail never got migrated from my original PST file. I found some VBA code online that compares mail in different PST folders, modified it to find missing and copy those to the target folder. I ran it folder by folder and moved missing mail. Before the exercise the Google Apps PST was about ~4GB and after it was ~4.7GB.

Problem: I left Outlook open so Google Sync can copy it online. 24 hours later the Google Apps PST file bloated to 14GB+ and none of the mail has been synced to the cloud. I know that there should be at most ~5GB of mail. Why is the rest of the space being taken up? Funny thing is Gmail shows 3GB as being used online.

What I tried: I emptied the deleted items folder and recycling bin I've run Outlook compact PST and it didn't work. I tried SCANPST.exe on the PST and it didn't work. I re-ran compact PST and it didn't work (after SCANPST found and fixed a few errors)

Any ideas out there on what caused the problem and how to solve it?

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Try using a 3rd party program (like Kernel Outlook PST Viewer or FileLocator Pro) to open the PST and find the 'excess baggage'. Some more tools are listed here:

Can I access Microsoft Outlook PST archives with any other tools?

If you can find what's taking up the space you might be able to delete it.

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