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I need to connect USB devices (Keyboard, Mouse and a flash drive at same time) about 5 meters far from computer case. I can't find a HUB with 5 meter cable.

  • Is it a good idea to use a normal HUB with 5 meter USB extension cable?
  • Do USB devices work over 5 meter length cable and a HUB ?
  • If not what can I do? using an active HUB with external power source?
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If you use an active USB 2.0 Extension cable I don't see any issues. You can use a Cat5 USB 2.0 Extender as well with a 4 Port Hub on the remote end. I have used USB Extender solutions, USB2EXT-4P for customer installations and they work good.

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Assuming you're using USB 2.0 (3.0 is becoming more and more common) the official limit on cable length is 5 meters. Doesn't matter if it's an extension cable, as long as the connections are good. Since you're right at the official limit, you probably want a powered hub.

That's assuming all your devices are up to spec. Low-data devices like your keyboard and mouse are probably OK, but I own an older USB printer and hard disk that just don't work through a hub. I imagine newer devices are better made, but reading the docs and running a few tests might be in order.

Incidentally, if using USB 3.0 is an option, that pretty much eliminates distance issues. In that spec, 5 meters is not a firm limit, just the maximum past which data transfers are not guaranteed to run at the spec's humongous full speed.

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