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Is there a program that can be installed to be able to know what program take time to load at startup of Windows?

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MSDN's Windows Performance Toolkit, a much better set of tools than the old Bootvis utility. At its most basic, you can use the tools to provide you with a similar graphical display of boot performance which was provided by Bootvis.

and then there is Passmark AppTimer to analyze the startup behaviour of applications.

as for Startup Management, i strongly recommend Autoruns instead of MSCONFIG (which is NOT a startup manager but a troubleshooting utility and therefore best left alone).

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The link leads to windows' main page – glS Jan 13 '15 at 10:57

Soluto can measure the load time of all programs or software that are set to run on startup. It allows the user to disable the program or software from startup or delay it from startup. It also allows users to submit info regarding programs or software that run on startup, and presents statistical information so you could decide based on what others users reported about a certain software.

More info here:

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For your problem, I would remove ALL programs from startup, and slowly add them one by one and see which one causes Windows to really hang. I always avoid running programs on startup to get the fastest startup possible.

Click START, RUN, and enter msconfig and go to the Startup tab to see all programs running on startup. There will be a lot in there that you don't expect.

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I was searching a way to do it without doing it manually. I know how to do it manually. The question is about a program to monitor the other program (process) to know which one take time. – Daok Sep 27 '09 at 15:37

as per the question asked I would suggest that u could give Tuneup Utilities 2009 a try.

Personally I feel it is the best software available in its category

You could use the Startup manager feature of it to solve your problems also its one click maintenance feature speeds up the system..

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