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Many addons for firefox don't work on seamonkey. Is there any risk in overriding the security settings? Or is there perhaps a tool that allows for compatibility?

I like the idea of a calendar and mailclient in the same piece of software, but if I can't use the addons I use in firefox, I'm sticking with firefox.

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Have you checked through the Seamonkey addons list?
Here is also a blog reference from PuppyLinux (which uses Seamonkey).

There are many addons for SeaMonkey, and many Firefox addons can also work in SeaMonkey. There is a site that has some Firefox addons modified for SeaMokey:

Seamonkey is great if you are already using PuppyLinux.

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you may want to add this addon to seamonkey : checkcompatibility

Most of the time, it won't work, but sometime, it can force seamonkey to install an addon supposed to be incompatible for no good reason.

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Also, there is Seamonkey Compatibility Tables of Converted Extensions that can convert and install many FF extensions.

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