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What is the step-by-step way to make a custom Windows 8 installation ?

For example, with a minimal example, I would like an image which :

  • Has a single user named "User"
  • This user has Chrome and Firefox installed
  • Has no link in the start screen except the desktop link
  • Has no buttons on the task bar

I have tried to use sysprep but I lose user settings. The CopyProfile seems to apply Administrator's settings on programmaticaly created accounts, but does not preserve local users settings accross installations.

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1) Install Windows, made default user 'User' (make sure to not make that the computer name). 2) Install Chrome and Firefox. 3) Delete / remove the other links. – cutrightjm Sep 16 '12 at 3:37

You may want to wait until Windows 8 is actually released.

I'm sure Microsoft is working on another update to their WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit). Or perhaps they will provide something completely new. I can't say since I don't work for Microsoft and the OS is still in beta. But if you want to try it, the existing WAIK may do what you want:

Just understand that sysprep probably isn't going work since it was primarily intended for XP and lower OS's ( But since I can't even evaluate a Windows 8 RTM version I can't really say for sure. Like most people, I have to wait until Windows 8 is released which should be at the end of October (however, I'm not holding my breath given Microsoft's historical delays of past releases).

Hope it helps. (Probably not.)

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ADK is out, it will do the – Moab Sep 16 '12 at 4:41

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