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I need that directory, as I want to put my sites there, so that apache can run them.

It is my virtual directory path. I am new to linux. I just want to read and write from that directory.

What command do I give to enable creating/saving/reading files/folders in that directory?

I tried a few, but I think I need to be a super user to make the folder writtable readable.

Note that I dont care about security.

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$ su
<enter the root password here, as asked>
# mkdir -fp /var/www
# chmod -R 777 /var/www
# exit

If you tell us what OS you're on, how you set up Apache, what you want it to do and post (an abridget version of) ls -lR /var/www, you might get an answer which is less dangerous and more useful.

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Hint: If you're using chmod 777 you're most likely doing something wrong. Making something world-writable (especially on a server) can yield interesting results. And by interesting, I mean that you'll most likely run into trouble. – Bobby Sep 16 '12 at 10:05

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