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I have a macbook running Windows on it (with bootcamp). I have external mouse to use, but touchpad remains enabled at the same time. So when I use keyboard, I always click on it and move mouse cursor.

The first thing I did is I just disabled driver in devmgmt.msc. But sometimes it could be helpful to disable and enable the driver with AutoHotKey (mapping ^F12 key or whatever).

So I just want to know, is there any way of enabling/disabling the driver with a command or registry? In order to be able to do that with AutoHotKey.


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You could use Devcon, but it's not part of standard distribution, you would need to download WDK (Windows Driver Kit) and extract the tool. This article details it's functionality and also links to download/installation instructions.

From that article:

Features (also Pros):

All device and driver management functionality that can be found in Device Management MMC including advanced functionality such as: Disable device Select one specific driver for specific device from the list of compatible drivers that are currently installed in the system


Not available out-of-the box Syntax complexity is high

Disclaimer: I have not used it.

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