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I have iTunes 9.0.1 running under OS X 10.6.1 on two computers - A Mac Pro and a Mac Mini.

On the Mac-Pro, I get the expected behavior when i search directly in song lists.

Click on Music under LIBRARY

Select All (Genres) All (Artists) All (Albums) in the iTunes 8 style top browser

Click on the 'Name column' to sort songs alphabetically

Then start typing, for instance "Hall", iTunes jumps directly to the first song that starts with 'Hall', in my case "Halleluja' by Charlie Parker.

On the Mac-Mini when I replicate the above, nothing happens. It looks like the Mac does not respond at all to my typing. Searching the song using the search pane top-right works both on the Mac-Pro and the Mac Mini

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could you be more precise or add screenshots, please? – Loïc Wolff Sep 27 '09 at 19:14
I revised text and hope it is clearer now. i don't know yet how to add screenshots to my question, although i am afraid they will be boring in this case – chris laurens Sep 28 '09 at 2:36

After clicking the Name column, try selecting the first song in the list (to give the song list focus) before you begin typing the name of the song in.

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Adam, thanks. I tried this but it has no effect. iTunes just highlights the first song no matter what i type – chris laurens Sep 28 '09 at 4:11
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Still don't know what was wrong but solved the problem after a clean install of snow leopard and a rebuilt of the library. Not subtle, but it worked

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