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I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 installed in a SUSE 10.3 machine.

One of my programs generates a (.doc) file and outputs me through the browser. I get a browser pop-up saying if you want to Save File or Open With.

When I choose the Open With (Open Office Writer) option it saves the file in /tmp directory.Instead of that I want to make it save in some other location say like /home1/guest/Documents.

I tried out few things like changing the environment variable TMPDIR to /home1/guest/Documents

Added the browser.cache.disk.parent_directory key in about:config and set the value to /home1/guest/Documents in Mozilla Firefox

But it still saves the files in /tmp, is there a workaround for this in Mozilla Firefox.

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Even if it downloads the file into your /tmp directory, can't you just then save it to where you want after it opens it automatically in Office Writer? – martineau Sep 16 '12 at 19:05

Try using the DownLoadThemAll FireFox extension. It will let you select any folder you want for downloading files and change the selection whenever needed.

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