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My computer suddenly powers off and restarts. It can happen at any time. Sometimes it occurs one minute after booting and others after hours or days or even a week.

I have checked my ram, hard disks, and OS and have found nothing. I have coolermaster650w smps, core i7, rampage3gene main board, AMD HD5770gpu, 8GB RAM.

What else can I do / check for?

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Have you checked for heating problems? –  terdon Sep 16 '12 at 18:32

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Random power offs like that can often be due to a bad or insufficient power supply. If you have another power supply handy try using it. If you have a different, preferably older, graphics card, put it in and see if the computer still reboots. Modern 3D graphics cards draw a lot of power.

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Edit I agree with Keltari - get a more powerful PSU to try.

In my opinion, your only option is via trial and error to try to locate the bug!

Check the hard drive
Use your PSU in another PC (if possible) to ensure that it's not faulting. Unplug all but only 1 hard drive (after checking it's OK with the tool above). Ensure you have enough thermal compound on your CPU.
Ensure all fans are running.
In the BIOS, check out the temperatures - if needed, leave it on the BIOS screen for a while and monitor any changes in temperature (or get a monitoring program for the OS).

Get a surge protection style gang plug for your PC.

Be prepared for it to be a motherboard issue!

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