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i recently purchased a brand new, still boxed and packaged TiVo Series 2 DVR from a garage sale. having used a VCR until now, i was quite surprised at how useful it was and quickly got used to the extra channels i received with it, as well as being able to record a show while watching a different show at the same time. However, i did not purchase a TiVo service at this point, because during the installation and setup prompt of my TiVo, it said that i can still use my TiVo without a subscription, but i will not have services like Seasons pass or being able to view my photos from my network. this was fine, because i really didn't need those features. so i used my TiVo quite a bit for a good few weeks, until it preformed a software update on itself in the middle of the night. the morning after, when i went to boot up my TiVo and watch some shows that i had recorded, it said that i HAD to purchase a subscription, and then locked up all of the features except for watching TV, while locking up the guide, as well. i would rather not have to pay 15 dollars a month extra along with my all-ready expensive TV service, and apparently the lifetime service option isn't available for my model. the only solution i can think of here is somehow modifying my TiVo so it only uses the basic features so it does not require a subscription. i know that people have done this before, but during my research of it i learned that it is a rather challenging thing to do and therefore not commonly done.

i have a very good understanding of how TiVo's operate, so i am very confident that i can preform one of these mods with no trouble , but the thing is, info on this topic is very hard to come by. so this brings me to my question; does anybody know about the software that is used for modding TiVo's? i know that this is probably not the place to be asking help about this kind of thing, but if anybody would know about this, it would be appreciated if you told me ;)


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sorrry but this isn't the place to ask about TiVO – Sathya Sep 17 '12 at 6:06

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