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I bought a CD-RW to burn down some podcasts to listen to while I'm driving. The car stereo doesn't want to read this CD. It can read all other audio CDs and MP3 CDs (CD-R), but not this one CD-RW. I wonder if this is true for all car radios?

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It will depend on the model of CD player in the car radio. It should tell you on the spec sheet what types of disk it can read. – ChrisF Sep 17 '12 at 9:10
As off-topic as this is, I planned to buy 10x CR-RW and rotate the music on them as time went by, however my JVC unit won't read them. – tombull89 Sep 17 '12 at 9:23
For the question is it true that no car CD player car read cd-rw, I will bet a pound that there is at least one that can. There is no technical reason that a CD player that is in a car should have less function than one in an office or house. Except cars get hot, this could damage the CD. – richard Sep 17 '12 at 9:38

CD-RWs are generally trickier to read than CD-Rs and (pressed) CDs. Sometimes it helps to burn them at a lower speed, this makes the tracks more accurate and thus easier to read. Also, high/ultra-speed-CD-RWs (faster than 4x) are a challenge for many normal drives as well, so try a "slow" CD-RW (but keep in mind than usually high-speed disks cannot be written to with a lower speed, so you need to buy a 4x CD-RW).

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Some cars (and now a days I would guess pretty much all) can read CD-R /CD-RW.

However, my car on occasion can't read specific CD-RW's and so when I re-burn the same data on to another of the same manufacture's disc from the same batch it works fine.

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