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I have 2 virtual machines (with Debian, using KVM) with virtual hard drives:

  • /srv/kvm/ssh.img
  • /srv/kvm/www.img

Both have 3 partitions (/, /home, swap).

I want to convert them in a RootFS usable with LXC (in order to use LXC instead of KVM).

The only solution I have for the moment is:

  • create a new RootFS
  • copy /home partition into it
  • reproduce the same configuration into it

But is there an automated way to do it

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I doubt it since LXC is highly dependable on the type of kernel used. – Lucas Kauffman Sep 17 '12 at 9:38
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Maybe you can give this a shot Booting an Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine in an LXC container . At least LXC on Ubuntu provides various distro templates, I believe you can boot different Linux distro from the host.

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You can look at lxc-convert here.

I've done it several time, it works well.

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