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I am trying install Linux on my computer (tried Ubuntu 10.4 and Linux Mint 9).

I started the installation wizard and on the hard disk selection page the hard disk is not displayed. I have a 500GB disk with 5 partitions and windows 7 ultimate in one partition. If I click the forward button, it shows an error- "No root file system defined".

I have tried to install by booting from CD and pendrive but both shows the same error.

When I load Linux as live CD it doesn't show the hard disk.

My hard disk works fine in windows 7.

System config:
intel i3 2100,
500GB hdd,
2GB ram

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This hard drive, is it an IDE (OLD) hard drive? If not, you might be running it in IDE (compatible) mode.


  1. Upgrade your harddrive to a ATA one.
  2. Disable compatibility-mode in BIOS.
  3. Find a linux distribution with a kernel that supports IDE drives.
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it is a SATA drive and it is not in compatibility-mode – Syam Kumar S Sep 18 '12 at 6:15

Check from LiveCD with:

#fdisk -l

or start GParted.

P.S.:You should remember, that you cannot have more than 4 primary partitions with MBR.

see this link for details: here

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Actually you can, with the GUID (GPT) partitioning scheme. The limit of 4 partitions is specific to MBR. – MSalters Sep 17 '12 at 14:19
i opened GParted from live cd ,but my hdd is not shown there. I have 2 primary partition and 3 extended parttions – Syam Kumar S Sep 18 '12 at 6:12

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