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I'm writing a document with MS Word for Mac 2011. This documents uses a lot of URLs that are also hyperlinks. When converting the document to a PDF by using the save as... option, the URLs that contain a hyphen are mis-formed. All the other hyperlinks are working correctly.

Instead of a hyphen, I see that the URL has some special escaping characters.

What can I do to avoid that?

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Well, it may not be the answer you'd like to hear, but Word is definitely not perfect in exporting to PDF. If I was you, I would consider installing some simple app acting as PDF-printer (e.g. doPDF) and generating perfectly valid PDF files.

The adventage is that such virtual printer allows you to generate proper PDF files from any application supporting Print option...

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Try changing the font of the URL to Arial in Word before creating the PDF. I found that changing the font from Calibri to Arial solved a similar issue. See this answer on the Microsoft forums.

Here is a precise description of the problem that I was having. When I create a PDF with Word for Mac 2011 from a document that contains URLs with hyphens (-), the URLs in the PDF have double hyphens (--) and are therefore invalid. I create PDFs using the Print command, and then select Save as PDF or Open in Preview from the dialog box. I encounter this problem when downloading documents from Google Docs in Word (.docx) format. Google uses Calibri as the default font for body text in documents. I suspect there is some confusion in the font definition of hyphens and dashes when the PDF is generated (dashes are longer than hyphens, so dashes are typically represented as two hyphens when a font does not have a dash character).

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