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I have a recent Mac Book Pro that I triple boot (OS X, Win7, BT5). I'd like to use the Mission Control button (F3) in Windows 7 on my MBP to call Dexpot's "Windows Catalog." Does anyone know of:

1) A setting in Windows (Registry adjustment, etc) that I could assign for this to work?

2) A setting in Dexpot that would configure this?

3) A piece of software that does this?

My preference for the answer is in the order above. If I get multiple answers, the one that works, that is posted first, that does what 1) states, gets selected. If 1) won't work, I'll select from answers to 2), etc...

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You should be able to create a global hotkey for {F3} using AutoIt's HotKeySet() and Run() methods.

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