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I have a client that uploads updated pdf files to her Concrete5 CMS, through the file manager, replacing the old file with the same name. She then does a cms "clear cache" and exits as she should. Then, in testing, she finds that the old file still comes up when clicking on the link. On further review, the cms file manager version tracking shows that the file has been updated, and, for me, the new file comes up, as it should, when clicking the link. My client hase also refreshed her browser cache and still, she only gets the old file when clicking on the link. She says that, while she can't seem to force an immediate cache update, overnight it appears to update. My client is also part of a large company-wide lan and intranet. Is it possible that there is a cache function placed outside of her local browser and cms cache that is not updating?

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It is possible the company network caching pages and files to cut down on bandwidth. – Moab Sep 17 '12 at 21:01

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