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Is there a firefox add on somewhere out there that enables you to attach a file (it would be preferable if it worked as a general case, enabling all kinds of files) with a new gmail message and email it.

Example: I found an image on the net which I wish to mail to someone. Without downloading it to my hdd, and ... I just press for example the right button, "gmail this", and a new gmail compose window opens up, I add some text, and away it goes.

Anyone knows of such a add on ?

It seems like a relatively obvious thing, but still, haven't been able to find it.

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Send Page By Email does this.

Send webpage, send text, and send image on the webpage you are currently browsing in Firefox directly by email to anyone you want. It can also send user defined messages along.

alt text

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The Ubiquity addon can be used to email a page. With a bit of practice, or maybe in future versions, it could probably email a specific element of a page.

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If you can select the graphic, it is possible copy and paste it from the webpage into a GMail message.

That's the fastest way I have found to do it.

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That works for images which the browser can show. But for some, he instantly chooses download (still a little confused why he does that), so then I have to download those ... etc, etc... – Rook Sep 28 '09 at 0:55

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