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I have a sheet with a bunch of data. I know it is easy to filter rows so that only data in a given column shows. I can filter by surname only for example, that's easy.

Is there a way to filter with what would be in programming, an OR? So, say I want to find all the rows with "blue" in columns C, D, E or F.

Am I going to need a macro for this?

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Here is some easy work-around:

  1. Go to the empty column G.
  2. Input the following function: =COUNTIF(C2:F2;"blue") and copy for entire column.
  3. Rows containing values you're looking for ("blue") will be counted.
  4. Use filter on G column to hide all "0" ("0" means no "blue" value in C, D, E and F columns).
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Perfect, thankyou – Martin Heathcote Sep 18 '12 at 14:11

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