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This is my first post on SU. My Question is related to thunderbird 15.0.1 I configured the chat accounts which is a great feature, I was wondering whether I could configure or install any add-on if any to get a notification even if my window is minimized or a popup about it.

I hope my question was clear. I could not find this question of existing SU Question.

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You are not alone. It appears this type of notification has been requested. At the very bottom there is a quick and dirty work around. In the mean time I would suggest voting for the bug to be fixed.

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Thanks a lot adam, I am for surely vote up for the bug to get solve. – Dhruvenkumar Shah Sep 18 '12 at 20:11

We just released a light addon for chat notifications on Mozilla Addons site: Chat Notifier (for Thunderbird). It just does what was missing: A sound and a message box.

Tell us what you think, we will be happy to here from you.

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