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Back to windows XP times, i used a program named Ava Find that can find any file in the system, but a really nice feature it had, called "scout bot" that automatically finds new files, that is, recently created.

More info here: AvaFind

For example, if i saved or downloaded a file (in any program), but i cant remember its name or where i put it, i just simply looked at the scoutbot list, and it showed me the most recent files, and then i could just open them from there, or jump to their path.

Since i changed to windows 7 (passing through vista), the program no longer works. It simply keeps indexing forever and never finds anything. I don't know if it is not compatible with win 7 itself, or because the fact that my windows 7 is 64 bit.

I already tried to contact the Avafind creators, but they never answered, and the program seems to be no longer supported (although the site still works).

Now, is there a similar program that finds RECENT files? e.g. listing the most recently saved files, system-wide (or even limiting it to some folders, discs)? And that of course, that is confirmed to work with win 7 64 bit.

I know that there are many programs that can find any file, like everything, but what i want is to find recent files and their paths, without knowing their name or e.

"everything" also can sort results by date, which is almost what i need, simply to look for part of the file name or extension, and get the most recent one. but if i get to many results, it takes a while, plus, i STILL need to know the name or at least extension of the file.

What i want is simply a "Most recently Saved files" tool. i.e., a replacement for Scout Bot in Ava Find.

Do you know any alternative?

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Why do you need to know the name or extension when searching with Everything? Why not use wildcards? –  Karan Sep 18 '12 at 23:26
...because if i use wildcards (not knowing ANYTHING about the filename or extension, i.e. using * or *.*), i get ALL the files in the computer, and sorting them by date (to get the most recent ones) takes a LOT of time... –  DiegoDD Sep 19 '12 at 21:24
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