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We have a Samsung UN46C6900VF 46" 3D LED TV and the image is displaying double views. We tried changing the cables, powering it off (unplugging it as well), resetting the picture settings, changing sources, etc. but it continues to display a ghost image. It was working the day before but I think someone must've changed some settings.

It is unusable at this state. Any suggestions on what could be the problem?

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I wonder if your T.V. has been stuck in demo mode?

There are 2 ways to take your tv out of demo mode.

The first way is going to take you through a Plug & Play

Turn on the TV. Change the source to the "TV" source. Press the menu button on the Samsung Remote. [The Main Menu will appear] Use the ▲ or ▼ arrows to navigate to the "System" or "Setup" menu (Depending on the model of your television), and then press ENTER. [The System/Setup menu will appear] With the ▲ or ▼ arrow buttons, highlight "Plug & Play". Press ENTER. [The Plug & Play menu will appear] When the message, "Menu language, store demo, and time will be set", press ENTER. Select your menu language, and then press ENTER. Highlight and select "Home Use". and then press ENTER. If you are not using the internal tuner on the TV, you can skip the rest of the Plug & Play, as the Auto-program or the time is un-needed. The second way is more difficult, but it is useful if you do not have a samsung remote. Note: The timing needs to be correct, or this method will be ineffective.

With the TV powered on locate the buttons on the panel, on most TVs they will be on the bottom right corner of the screen. After you've located the Volume - and Menu buttons, we will press them in a certain combinaton. Press the Volume - button once. [The Volume indicator will appear] While the Volume indicator is on the screen, Press and hold the Menu button for 10-15 seconds. If done correctly, the screen will say either "Store Demo" or "Standard" (or "Dynamic" depending on your model). If the TV says "Store Demo", repeat steps 2 through 5 to take the TV out of "Demo" mode. When the TV says "Standard" (or "Dynamic depending on your model) your TV is no longer in demo mode.

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