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I have an idea for a program I wish to write, but it requires a way to convert musical audio (single guitar, at first approximation) to notes (e.g., OCR/speech-recognition for music).

Google found IntelliScore, but although it advertises more power that I need (several instruments), it is proprietary, and I’m looking for something that is free and GPL-compatible.

Are there any free/GPL programs or libraries that can do this?

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There’s Notey. It can detect notes and transcribe them on screen. It’s GPL, so you should be able to extract and adapt the detection/conversion routines.

enter image description here

Another options is music scribe kit which:

Is a toolkit for transcribing a music audio file to common music notation. This is done by manually annotating a spectrogram or something similar and converting it to a MIDI file and to a abc music notation file.

The proprietary program Transcribe! has an extensive list of other music-transcription tools, including some that are open-source. You can also check SourceForge for other open-source music-transcription programs.

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Unfortunately, they are Windows specific. I can look algorithms, still. WIll examine list too. Thanks! – KAction Sep 19 '12 at 16:13
Yes, most of the programs are for Windows, but you can indeed copy the detection/conversion functions of the open-source ones. Good luck. – Synetech Sep 19 '12 at 16:21

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