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Hi i know that "SHIFT + spacebar" 'highlights' an excel row. But what I want to do is actually to 'highlight' it such that the background is yellow. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?

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You can just click on the row number so that the entire row is selected.Now just go to the fill color option, choose your desired color, and the entire row will be highlighted.

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yeah i was asking for a keyboard shortcut if there's one. i do know how to use the ribbon! – MEOWER Sep 19 '12 at 8:04
@MEOWER You need to edit your question to clarify you only want a keyboard shortcut. Otherwise, Alison answered what you asked. – CharlieRB Sep 19 '12 at 13:30

You click the little paint bucket icon in the ribbon, in the Font section. There is a little arrow next to it which gives you an option to change the colour.

paint bucket icon

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If you press Alt on any Office program, small key-symbols appear on the ribbon tabs. If you press one of those keys, more symbols appear on that tab's buttons. Those symbols denote the shortcuts for the buttons. So, each shortcut consists of three key presses after each other:

  1. Alt
  2. The tab's shortcut key.
  3. The button's shortcut key.
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