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I want to include a URL in word document, both as text people can read, and a link they can click. The URL has a hyphen in it. I don't want the URL to get broken across lines.

When I use a regular hyphen, the link works, but the text displayed gets broken.

When I use a non-breaking hyphen (Ctrl+Shift+-) Word removes the hyphen from the link.

When I try and manually edit the hyperlink, I can't add a non-breaking hyphen into the Text to display field using Ctrl+Shift+-.

If I was writing this is HTML I could just do:

<a href="http://www.my-link.com/">www.my&#8209;link.com</a>

How do I get Word to do the equivalent?

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Non-breaking hyphens are not supported in HTML so Word won't let you put one in the text portion of a hyperlink. –  martineau Sep 19 '12 at 18:58

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I have an older version of Word but it has the same problem. I was able to workaround the limitation by holding down the Alt key and typing 030 on the numeric keypad then releasing the Alt Key at the spot I wanted the non-breaking hyphen. Afterwards I had to manually select and make the displayed text into a hyperlink with the proper href value. It may also be necessary or helpful to turn off the Auto-Formatting of Hyperlinks in Auto-Correct Options.

screenshot show Word not breaking a hyperlink after a hypen

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