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I have a Media Center PC connected to 52" LCD screen via HDMI. The problem I have is that even though I have high end specs on the box, the Media Center interface is slow and sluggish specially the first 30 - 60 seconds after the resume.

Are there any services I have to stop ? Is there anyway I can increase the response time so that my WAF goes high?

The specs are:

  • GA-MA790X-DS4H Motherboard
  • Onboard HD 3300 ATI Graphics Card with 128 MB of DDR3 RAM 1333 Mhz
  • Sideport Memory 4GB of DDR 2 RAM
  • Windows 7 Professional x86

Additional Software Installed

  • MCE Standby Tool, it restarts MCE everywhere I resume
  • Running the Latest Version of ATI Drivers
  • EPG
  • Win7 Codec Pack
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The following is the usual troubleshooting list I recommend for sleep problems:

  1. Look in your BIOS for the suspend ACPI options and try to switch modes among "S1 and S3", "S3" etc.
  2. Turn off Hybrid sleep, see explanation here (for vista, but is the same)
  3. The hibernation file is sometimes disabled by disk cleaning, to restore do in cmd run as administrator "powercfg -h on".

Note: Any above manipulation that doesn't help should be undone.

You can use the following command to analyze sleep problems and return a detailed report:

powercfg -ENERGY


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This may just be usual. The fact is that during the resume process, certain system processes take place and the GUI / Video / Interface is lower priority that system processes.

If you really want to try, you can try going to task manager and setting the priority for the media centre higher, however I doubt this would work and I would not recommend it.

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