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So I installed TrendMicro TITANIUM Maximum Security 2012 on a system for a client, and the system no longer can use the Internet. Disabling the software has no effect. What could be the cause of the lack of internet?

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According to a CNET review, this security package "enhances" Windows firewall.

To check if a firewall is blocking your request or a host is simply not responding to your queries, type netstat -an in cmd and check if there are any SYN_SENT entries.

You can also try a tracert in cmd. Appropriate syntax is tracert [hostname or ip adress]. See if you get past your internal adress. If the tracert happens to stop at your ISP's core or access routers, they're more likely to have a routing problem or outage.

Also check if the computer is still able to resolve hostnames, to do this use nslookup []

Above are the first things I would check if internet connectivity were to fail on me.

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DNS lookups are working, and I told the system initially to not enhance the firewall. – Thomas W. Sep 19 '12 at 21:00
Okay, this means that the machine is able to reach a nameserver. Can you temporarily disable Windows firewall to see if you're able to use the internet after that? Despite getting good ratings, it appears TrendMicro went all "Norton360" on the machine – MainframeX Sep 19 '12 at 22:07
Apparently, there were traces of the previous software that was on the system. That messed with it, so I had to clear out that manually. That fixed it. – Thomas W. Sep 23 '12 at 18:45

This issue was caused by leftovers of the older software. I had to purge the remnants in the registry, as well as purge a couple of leftover softwares. That fixed it.

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