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I asked a question in the (La)TeX stack exchange and it was recommended to me that I see whether I could get an answer here. The question can be found here.

The basic question is this: can I tell Vim to interpret the 'paragraph' text object differently? Now paragraphs are defines as blocks of text separated by a blank line, but I want to change this to blocks of text separated by a line that contains a percentage symbol (%), which is th comment symbol in LateX, i.e. that Vim understand that:

This is a paragraph
This is another paragraph
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No. See

:help paragraph


:help todo

and search for paragraph, where you'll find a number of entries including this:

- Add regex for 'paragraphs' and 'sections': 'parare' and 'sectre'. Combine the two into a regex for searching. (Ned Konz)

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