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I followed the install/create steps on the front page of the SparkleShare website, and when I do dazzle create media, I get the following back:

Project "media" was successfully created.

The address is correct (
And the path is correct (/home/storage/media)

I run ssh on notport 22 (successfully with WinSCP, pscp, and PuTTY off the same machine and others), so I added the :<port> to the connect field in my Windows client (runnign on Windows 7 x64 current patches).

The client (0.9.2) then waits interminably at a smidge of green in the progress bar.

How do I troubleshoot this?

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What version of Sparkleshare are you using? Did you also try other than Win7/x64 platforms? Is PuTTY able to connect to the host? And are you running any firewall blocking outbound connections? – gertvdijk Sep 20 '12 at 16:41
@gertvdijk - 0.9.2. After talking to one of the lead devs on their irc channel, it looks like a known issue that is fixed in the next release which is not out yet :( – warren Sep 20 '12 at 17:09
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With assistance from the devs of SparkleShare, found the issue (and am waiting on an official fix while implementing a workaround below).

In ~\AppData\Roamin\sparkleshare\debug_log.txt is the following:

11:57:53 | Controller | ssh-agent started, PID=6972
11:57:54 | Auth | Imported key 'C:\Users\wmyers\AppData\Roaming\sparkleshare\2012-09-20 11h20.key'
11:57:54 | Auth | The following keys may be used: 
2048 5f:8c:51:d7:53:d1:61:98:f6:bd:68:56:cc:ce:d2:d0 C:\Users\wmyers\AppData\Roaming\sparkleshare\2012-09-20 11h20.key (RSA)
11:59:18 | Fetcher | C:\Users\wmyers\SparkleShare\.tmp\media | Fetching folder: ssh://storage@
11:59:18 | Auth | Fetching host key for
11:59:20 | Auth | Skipping fingerprint check
11:59:20 | Auth | Accepted host key for
11:59:20 | Fetcher | Failed creating fingerprint: Index was outside the bounds of the array.   at SparkleLib.SparkleFetcherBase.GetFingerprint(String public_key)
11:59:21 | Cmd | .tmp | git clone --progress --no-checkout --depth=1 "ssh://storage@" "C:\Users\wmyers\SparkleShare\.tmp\media"

The key line is the one at 11:59:20 with "Fetcher" at the front.

There is a fix officially being released shortly that addresses proper importation of the server's public SSH key. The current workaround is to manually copy the contents of the server's /etc/ssh/ into ~\.ssh\known_hosts on the client machine.

If that does not work for you, you need to wait for the next release after 0.9.2.

Also, apparently this is only related to running ssh on a non-standard port.

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