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I have a Powercom UPS IND606A. I am staying in India having voltage range of 230.

The detail explanation of problem :

* When there is a powercut UPS gives back-up but it restarts the computer. Sometimes, it gives back-up without restarting the computer.

* Actually, I can change this product but the problem is that I faced the same problem with APC 600VA and V-Guard UPS also and this is the third time I am changing the UPS.

So, I am not able to known where the problem lies :

1: Is there any problem with my house electricity but the electric engineer told,
   there is no problem with my house electricity.
2: Is this any problem with my PC powersupply which is a very old one 
   i.e.Zen-230VA SMPS but sometimes UPS does give a back-up without restarting 
   my PC. 

The site for this Powercom UPS is : http://apexenterprises.in/index.php?route=product/product&manufacturer_id=13&product_id=112

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It's not you local power, the UPS should take care of "bad"electricity. The PSU however sounds fishy to me.

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