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The question is simple really.

Under Linux etc.. you can mount TrueCrypt volumes, files or partitions, to any mount point of your choosing whereas in Windows the interface only shows drive letters.

I'm wondering if I can mount the volume, a partition in this case, un-encrypted to a NTFS mount point, or folder, instead of using drive letters.

The reason I ask is I am running out of letters :(.

I'm using Server 2008 with the latest TrueCrypt install.

Note: I know how to mount a volume directly to an NTFS folder mount point but doing so, and navigating to the mount point, prompts a notice saying the volume is not formatted - to be expected as the volume is not un-encrypted at this stage.

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Simply, after much research and looking at the documentation it is not possible through the TrueCrypt interface.

There is a hack out there that allows you to change the mount point once mounted but the letter the mount was using is unusable until you unmount the volume. Pointless really.

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