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There is an old Java applet that works with XP. But if you open it up from Windows 7 and from any Java plugin, it won't work. The plugin itself would export some data... as an excel sheet. The applet gets downloaded, but there is an IOException.

Here is the debug log:

basic: Applet initialized
basic: Starting applet
basic: completed perf rollup
basic: Applet made visible
basic: Applet started
basic: Told clients applet is started
network: Cache entry not found [url: http://domain/cgi-bin/viewLog.cgi?pg=5&UID=001&StartTime=1348153140&EndTime=1348239540&SampleTime=900&ID=2368%7C3368%7C12368%7C13368%7C19368%7C20368%7C, version: null]
network: Connecting http://domain/cgi-bin/viewLog.cgi?pg=5&UID=001&StartTime=1348153140&EndTime=1348239540&SampleTime=900&ID=2368%7C3368%7C12368%7C13368%7C19368%7C20368%7C with proxy=DIRECT
network: Connecting http://domain/ with proxy=DIRECT
network: Connecting http://domain/cgi-bin/viewLog.cgi?pg=5&UID=001&StartTime=1348153140&EndTime=1348239540&SampleTime=900&ID=2368%7C3368%7C12368%7C13368%7C19368%7C20368%7C with cookie "user=Admin"
Exception in comm thread: \tmp\temp1234.dat (The system cannot find the path specified)

I have found some links...
This page says I have to use a "properties" file. But I can't make a .hotjava folder, as it's not possible to do so on NTFS. I've tried to save the xls file into my temp folder, or under Public, and so on. But it doesn't work.

The error I get:

Ps.: A single user will use this thing, so I can't just use a VM with XP installed. Ty.

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Why can't you create a .hotjava directory in an NTFS file system on Windows 7? I just did? Also git and other utilities do? – HeatfanJohn Sep 21 '12 at 13:33
You are right about the other apps, but for me it doesn't work. I'll try it from command line. (See edit, for what happens.) – Shiki Sep 21 '12 at 13:59
yeah, mkdir .hotjava works. lemme check. – Shiki Sep 21 '12 at 14:00
Is your temp directory \tmp or c:\users\x\temp? Could there be some confusion there? Check all of your environment variables, maybe a couple are out of sync. – HeatfanJohn Sep 21 '12 at 14:04
Damn @HeatfanJohn! And that C:\tmp really works. So simple, yet so retarded. (The problem that is.) Please post that as an answer! – Shiki Sep 21 '12 at 15:34
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Try changing any references you have from \tmp to c:\tmp or to include the specific drive that you are using.

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