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I'm using ircII as my irc client to chat on irc channels.

As I'm new to this terminal based program so I tend to use /help command very frequently. The problem is when I go in help session I get trapped there. Few things I tried (while in help session) are:

  • quit

Which shows me help for quit.

  • quit (again)

Asks Do you really want to quit?

Well when I do y here the entire ircii is quit.

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If the "Help?" prompt is show, you're being prompted to enter a term or command for which you want to see the help. Just pressing return (i.e. an empty input) will bring you up one level:

  • If you type /help, the prompt will be "Help?";
  • type set and you'll get the help for the set command, which has suboptions and a sub-help, so the command is now "set Help?";
  • a single return brings you up to the top-level "Help?";
  • another return exits the help completely (no prompt by default, or whatever you've configured your client to display).

(As an unrelated aside, ircII is quite dated and basic; it works fine, of course, but for a commandline client I advise you to investigate irssi.)

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