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I have a problem: when I am playing games, my computer freezes and displays a blue screen. I suspect it has something to do with the hard drive which was repaired by Seagate Technicians via warranty just 2 months back. Otherwise, it's been running smoothly, although lately, sometimes during data transfer the computer ceases to do any other tasks.

I am using Windows Vista 64-bit OEM trial version. My current specs:

Motherboard:    ASUS M3A
Processor:      AMD Phenom X4 9550
RAM:            Dynet 2 GB DDR2 
Graphics Card:  NVIDIA 8600 GT
Hard Drives:    Seagate Barracuda 500 GB (SATA)
                Seagate 40 GB (PATA)

Should upgrade to a 1 TB HDD or just keep the 500 GB HDD + 2 GB ram for the sole purpose of gaming?

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Freezing and "blue screening" are more a sign of bad memory than of a bad hard drive. I would recommend swapping out the memory modules one by one and see if the freezing still happens.

Concerning your other question (upgrade): I would definitely add more ram, especially when running a 64bit OS (actually, with less than 4 GB of ram I think you better stick with 32bit). The hard drive size is not that important, especially when you already have 500GB. There's no game yet (at least that I know of) that needs that much free hard drive space ;-)

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HDD Size is never enough! I got 2terrabytes on my home computer and around 40gb free space! :) – Jonas B Sep 28 '09 at 8:28
@Jonas: You should not keep everything on your internal hard drive. If you have that much data, I recommend a NAS or at least some external usb drives. – fretje Sep 28 '09 at 8:59

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