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I have a server which is connected to the Internet through a proxy and another PC, without internet connection but with access to this server through SSH. And what is needed - connect the PC to the internet using SSH. I've found that ssh -2 -C -D 4567 username@example.tld creates a SOCKS4/5 proxy at, and it seems to be working. But in my situation, i'd need to chain one more proxy: the one through which the server connects to the internet. I haven't found any possibility to specify a chain of proxies, so what are the alternatives? What's the (easiest?) way to do this?

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Is this the layout you are trying to describe? Your PC -> an SSH server -> a proxy -> teh interwebs . Is the proxy a regular internet proxy or another SSH server? – Freiheit Sep 21 '12 at 17:29
Yes, it's true. The proxy is a regular HTTP proxy. – aplavin Sep 21 '12 at 17:55
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Tell SSH to forward all requests to your local port 8080 over the other pc to the proxy-server:

ssh -N -L 8080:<proxy-server-ip>:<proxy-service-port> username@example.tld

Now set your local proxy-settings to localhost port 8080

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Thanks, this really solve the problem! – aplavin Sep 21 '12 at 18:19

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