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Recently I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. SL had this nice slider in the finder you could use to change icon sizes really easily. I also remember being able to use the Magic Trackpad and pinch / unpinch to be able to change the icon size.

Now in ML this slider is missing and my pinch / unpinch no longer works. How can I get these things back?


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In ML's Finder, click on View / Show Status Bar, or just use ⌘/ to toggle. The slider should now be visible. Unfortunately, it seems they did away with the pinch/unpinch actions.

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thanks for the tip. hate to see the pinching is gone :( – cwd Sep 22 '12 at 3:48

Easy solution. Go to View > Show status bar.

And you have the wonderful slider back.

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To re-enable the Pinch to Zoom feature in the OS X Finder, install PathFinder 6 through version 6.1.5 ONLY from Cocoatech. Later versions of PathFinder no longer have this feature anymore either! Then, use PathFinder instead of the Finder and Pinch to Zoom is BACK!!!



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