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Possible Duplicate:
Booting into a Virtual Machine from a physical installation

I like and use Windows 7 more than anything. But there is times when I want to run Ubuntu or some other Linux. However it is aggrivating to have to reboot the computer everytime i want to switch.

My goal is to make it where i can run Ubuntu from a VM or from boot. To explain in more detail:

I want it where when I'm in windows I can run Ubuntu in a VM like VMWare, but if I want to just use Ubuntu I can boot from the same Ubuntu installation when I restart the computer.

So my question is: Can I use VMWare to boot from a REAL partition, then boot Ubuntu from the GRUB menu if I choose to only run Ubuntu?

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I have done a little research after I got the answer from Serge. You can do this with VMs. It is called "Raw Disks".

  • VMWare Player does not support this. Only VMWare Workstation.
  • Oracle VirtualBox does support this, but it takes some setup.

I have linked some tutorials below.

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VMWare Workstation offers this feature as Serge said. This VMWare guide will help you through the steps for using a physical partition for your VM.

Have a happy weekend.

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