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My Windows partition (C:) is corrupt. I'm booting up from an Ubuntu live CD and trying to copy all the files from C: to my external drive, but the system expands all of the links, producing a projected copy size of 1.8TB (my external drive is just 1TB, and the data in c: is around 700MB).

Then I looked at dd and other backup utilities. Anything I looked into, I couldn't figure out whether or not the image would be readable in Windows through any other app.

Has anyone else tried to back up data from a corrupted Windows installation using Ubuntu?

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You can use something like OSFMount or dd for Windows.

In my case though I simply replaced the drive, booted up again using the LiveCD, mounted the dd (actually ddrescue) image directly from my external drive, then copied what I wanted to the internal drive (I didn't write back the entire image since it came from a failing drive and thus had gaps in it).

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