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In Windows, I find it somewhat difficult to access localhost dns server at localhost machine. I am finding no easy command line tool and so on.

So is there any command line tool that allows me to access windows DNS information easily?

I just need to find out the way to access dns information of the localhost (itself) machine, that's it.

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There is not such DNS server on windows machine until you install it as role(possible on server family only).

You will always have available DNS client which is responsible for resolving DNS queries.

I am finding no easy command line tool and so on

What you want to achieve?

As Serge mentioned in his answer, you have nslookup which is almost on all platforms (linux, win, unix...).

So what kind of tool you are looking for?

You may read about Domain Name System on Windows first.


you have several tools on windows while DNS role is installed:

However, you will find useful to use MMC snapin to manage your DNS server

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Yes, I am talking about a machine with the DNS server role installed.... – Lanz Sep 23 '12 at 7:07
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Lanz Sep 23 '12 at 7:31

open a command prompt and type

ipconfig /all

The output lists the DNS the local machine is using.

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