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I have a laptop, with Screen Resolution - 1366x768 (most common) - I want to increase it further to 1600x900 (or higher), in the same ratio. I want to scale the higher resolution on my current screen to fit it.

I found xrandr with command xrandr --output LVDS1 --scale 1.4x1.4, this worked but again resulted to another problem, it does the scaling thing but the cursor is still blocked into the native screen resolution and I am not able to move it further, I found that the bug is already filed here.

Also this command was only for Linux, I wanted to do this thing with both Linux and Windows (including Windows 8). I want a similar software that is bug free (at least not a major bug like this) and that supports Windows as well (or two separate software for Windows and Linux).

Any help is appreciated and Thanks in advance.

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I posted an answer on AskUbuntu on how to set resolution using xrandr.

I have tried it and it works fine. But this is only for linux.

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Ok, I will look to it ASAP! – Akshat Mittal Oct 28 '12 at 12:58

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