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I frequently debug Flex applications in Google Chrome and use a debug version of Flash Player to get the job done. However, for some time now, Google Chrome has deployed an integrated version of Flash. Getting around that requires a few tweaks as described over at Adobe's website.

Everything would be nice and beautiful if only Google Chrome updates would not mess around with those settings. Currently every time a new version of Chrome is pushed I get to scratch my head as to why Flex applications act weird - only to realize that chrome://plugins need yet another nudge.

How can I prevent Google Chrome update from re-enabling integrated Flash plugin?

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Turns out this is a bug reported as issue 150596. Release 23 should fix it.

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This might not be the answer you are looking for but how about installing a portable version of Google Chrome which (in theory) won't update itself automatically?

One suggestion would be the PortableApps version of Chrome:

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Turning off updates is easy but that is not what I am after. It is the habit of Chrome update to unilaterally fiddle with manually modified plugin settings I want to get rid of. – Saul Sep 25 '12 at 15:39

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