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I am looking for a way to move all files and subfolders within a given directory to somewhere else and after the movement delete the original folder. For example, suppose in current path, there is a folder called FOLDERA, I am trying to move all files and subfolders from FOLDERA to the current path and then remove FOLDERA, but I need to do this with a command line. I try MOVE command but I find that it can only move the files. Anyway to do that? Thanks.

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del /s *.* should do the work in windows 7 
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On Windows Vista or later, look at robocopy

NOTE: This question is off topic for Stack Overflow; Server Fault or Super User would likely be a better fit.

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Robocopy <src> <dest> /MOVE

will move the files and delete the original directories.

There are several other options that you may wish to use to control overwriting etc.

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