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I have a D-Link modem and I have set it up to connect to the Internet automatically, i.e. Always-on connection.

Now my problem is that some site don't load while others load perfectly fine. But if I open up a command prompt and ping any website that was not loading in the browser, it works (ping returns with response from the site). I have tested all the browsers, so as to rule out the possibility of a browser malfunctioning.

More importantly, when I switch to Bridge mode in my modem settings, ALL the sites load perfectly. The ones that were not loading earlier also do.

Why is this the case. What can I do to solve this problem.

Things I have tried...

  • Flush my DNS cache

  • Remove all unwanted items from msconfig Startup tab

  • Tried setting my DNS servers to Google DNS ( & and OpenDNS

  • resetting my modem to factory config. and then reconfiguring it again

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Just because a website returns a ping has nothing to do with the site functioning correctly (or as you are expecting).

If a site isn't loading on your set up but is from work or another PC (try your mobile phone on 3G as this will not use your router) then the answer is likely to be router (firewall/black list/parent control) or maybe your ISP blocks the site.

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but if my ISP blocked the sites, why would they all load in the bridge mode – Jane Sep 25 '12 at 6:39
OK - so you know the fault - it's a setting on the router! – Dave Sep 25 '12 at 7:30

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