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This is related to this question; however different as this is a server.

I use crashplan and grabbed /home, /root, and /etc; however upon an audit I determined that a lot of my configuration files were actually under /var/lib (bind,dhcpd,etc).

This got me wondering... what else am I missing? At this time I barley have time to ask this question, so doing a restore test is out of the question (at this time).

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Some examples (you should check where this stuff is on your distribution, the examples are for a RedHat system):

  • /var/lib/imap and /var/spool/imap if you have an IMAP server
  • /var/lib/mailman for mailman
  • /var/lib/mysql for MySQL
  • /var/log not necessary but could be useful in case of problems
  • /var/www for apache
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