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Example I have a letter. I have to address it to 10 people. Each of the 10 people will have a unique info which I'll need to input in.

So it's like Dear X, Check out Y!

I'll like to pull the info from a list like, X: John/Peter/Jack. Y: SiteA/SiteB/SiteC

It'll create 3 files in this case, 1st: Dear John, check out SiteA! 2nd: Dear Peter, check out SiteB! 3rd: Dear Jack, check out SiteC!

It'll be in a Word Doc. Any ideas? (Objective is to print them out individually)

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You can use the Mail Merge functionality built-in to Microsoft Word. However, this is not a programming question, so I am voting to move it to – RB. Sep 21 '12 at 9:29

Yes mail merge is the perfect canditate to achieve this sort of thing. Check out the tutorial on the Office site.

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