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I just installed Windows 8 Enterprise.

  • I installed Google Chrome and launched it from the Windows desktop.
  • I activated the Chrome sync which required me to assign a new application-specific password (since I use Google's 2-step authentication).
  • Now when I launch Chrome from the Windows desktop I correctly see all my toolbars, plugins and bookmarks.

However, when I launch Chrome from the tile on the Metro screen, Chrome starts but it is NOT synced. In the top right corner of the apps screen, I see 'Not signed in to Chrome (You're missing out -- sign in)'. If I try to sign in it requires a new application-specific password. It's as if Chrome is using a different profile depending on whether I launch it from Metro or the Windows desktop. What's going on?

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It's as if Chrome is using a different profile depending

That's what it is, Chrome launched from Windows 8 tile starts in Metro Modern UI mode, while that launched from Desktop starts it in Desktop mode.

The profile folders for each mode is separate, with the Metro Modern UI mode storing it's profile in Metro folder under %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Metro

However, it looks like this is going away soon(M23+), per this bug:

We're still warning users about their data being separate in Metro and desktop, which isn't true anymore in M23+.

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Yes Chrome 23 has fixed the problem. – shamp00 Nov 27 '12 at 15:13

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