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I installed a tool which now appears in Openoffice Calc under Tools->Add-ons.

I thought that this tool would appear in ~/ directory, but I cannot find it.

I am especially searching for config files of this addon e.g. where it saves its data (the tool ads custom styles for certain cells).

Can anyone help me?

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JoeM, all names starting with dot (as /.openoffice/) are hidden in Linux by default - perhaps that's the reason you cannot find the location.

Try this solution:

  1. Go to your home folder. Open .openoffice.org2 [ in your case]. This can be done in nautilus just fine. To view hidden folders and files (those starting with ‘.’), just hit Control-h.
  2. Go into the user folder.
  3. Delete or rename the ‘uno_packages’ folder. I renamed it, personally, so I could put it back if needed.
  4. Start OpenOffice. It will be just like new.


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it as not the problem with hidden files :). I just did not know where to look for ooo extensions. So you're saying they are in uno_packages folder? – JoeM Sep 25 '12 at 15:00

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