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I'm considering a new system build, and was thinking that this particular motherboard has features I need and like:

.. but am unsure which model chassis to pair it with. I'd strongly prefer something from Cooler Master, as I'm a fan of their products, but am having a hard time deciding, and also don't want to get into some odd situation where the board doesn't properly fit. I plan on having two optical drives (5.25"), two internal HDs (3.5"), and will likely go with an SLI setup of 2 or possibly even 3 cards, so I'd need a chassis that is roomy enough to accomodate all of that, as well as the motherboard itself.

Based on the stock available at that same site, do you all have any suggestions? The larger, the better, as I hate having components crammed together. Your help is most appreciated!

EDIT: Hmm, ok, well I guess that makes sense. You guys don't want to seem like you're endorsing one brand or another. Lemme rephrase it then and ask if there will be any issues if I were to choose a chassis that fits ATX motherboards, but has more expansion slots than the motherboard itself has? ie: if I chose a Full Tower case that says it supports ATX boards.. since the mobo I was looking at has only 6 PCI/PCIe slots but all the cases are 7 or more..

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Hi J.C. Unfortunately, shopping recommendations are off-topic for – user3463 Sep 25 '12 at 15:48
The case specifications will be annotated with sizes of MBs it accepts, both in industry notation and actual measurements. Any unused expansion slot openings with a smaller MB can simply be ignored as long as all components of the MB and the connector plate fit the case. In short, don't worry about it. Pick what you like that will hold your MB. E.g. don't get a MicroATX case and try to install an ATX Extended board. Read the specs. – V Stuart Foote Sep 25 '12 at 16:54

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