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Is there a shortcut to move a line up/down?

Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools had this feature, is it built-in on Visual Studio 2012? Is there perhaps a light extension that adds this feature?

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I found an extension for it: MoveLine

Compatible with VS2012. Moves a line, or group of lines, up or down in the editor using shortcut keys. Press the shortcut keys to move the line under the cursor up or down or select a block of text and press the shortcut keys to move the entire block up or down.

The default shortcut keys are as follows:

  • Alt+↑ (Up Arrow) – Moves a line up
  • Alt+↓ (Down Arrow) – Moves a line down

To change the shortcut keys:

  • In the Visual Studio main menu go to Tools → Options
  • Expand Environment
  • Select Keyboard
  • In the Show commands containing box type Tools.MoveLineUp or Tools.MoveLineDown
  • In the Press shortcut keys box press the new shortcut keys
  • Click Assign
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For VS2013, it looks like this functionality is in LineMan – Jarrod Dixon Dec 29 '14 at 1:47

Shift+Alt+T moves the current line down. Look for "Edit.LineTranspose" in Pre-defined Keyboard Shortcuts.

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This moves the line down, but I guess there isn't a way to move up. +1 anyway – BrunoLM Sep 28 '12 at 23:13

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